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Is it Time for New Air Conditioner Installation?

If you're sick of sweltering every summer, you've surely thought of getting air conditioner installation done. There are many benefits to this. Along with being more comfortable in your home or building, you'll have fewer problems with mold and other humidity-related issues. With proper installation, you also won't have to deal with hot or cold spots within the structure.

Most homes already have ducts installed, so air conditioner installation centers on putting in the machine and hooking it up to those ducts. This process is typically straightforward in homes, though in large commercial buildings, it can get complex. The complexity arises from the need for multiple zones and even multiple units, and typically affects structures like office buildings and warehouses.

For structures that have never had HVAC before, duct installation is part of the job. This increases costs, but owners gain the benefit of having all-new ductwork that is made to work with the new system. New, non-leaky ducts save money over time and make the entire system more efficient.

If you already have an air conditioner, but it isn't doing the job as well as you'd like, it's best to go for air conditioning service before new installation. Service can improve the efficiency of a system, stop leaks that cause warm air to come out of the vents, and quiet loud motors. For most problems, it is more affordable to fix the unit rather than replace it.

Maintenance is also important to the good functioning of a system. Therefore, air conditioning service companies usually offer plans for it, which include cleaning essential parts and putting in new filters. Choose this option if you know that your system hasn't had basic maintenance done for the year and you'd like a pro to take care of that.

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